Tiger In The Water — A Dangerous Splash


FOLLOWING on from a couple of COVID-19 years, people are generally eager to break out and plunge into a life they remember.

But while the pandemic is still ongoing, there are other factors at play that you should bear in mind, and keep your guard up.

2022 is not going to be an easy year — COVID-19 aside — and will present challenges and obstacles. 2022 is the Ren Yin year according to the 10,000-year calendar.

As the Tiger is a Wood element, this is a combination of Yang Water and Yang Wood resulting in a Yang Water Tiger year. The underlying Na Yin element produced by the combination of these two will be the metal element.

Yang water dominates the first half of the year, represented by the sea sitting on top of the tiger element.

Yang Water brings volatility, drastic changes, danger and uncertainties.

This element has a masculine characteristic, depicting a middle-aged man or someone who is magnanimous, highly intelligent, brave and adventurous.

Yang wood element found in the Tiger dominates the second half of the year. This is a travelling star which brings movements, growth and travel-related issues.

2022 prediction

Beware Of Obstruction

The hexagram for Water Tiger year is “Obstruction”.

As a general overview to 2022, the hexagram shows a dangerous abyss lying before us and a steep, inaccessible mountain symbolizing blockage and stagnancy.

Perhaps a time to retreat instead of charging forward mindlessly.

Strengths can be gathered from like-minded friends to overcome these obstacles. Perseverance and staying true to your core values will bring good fortune at the end of the cycle. 2022 will be a year of introspection while you thread through these turbulent times.

Be more cautious about 2022 than you were in 2021.

The Wealth Location

2022 prediction elements

With the influence of water and wood elements in 2022 the equity market is likely to be volatile. However, we may see equity markets gaining strength between April to July when wood and fire elements show their influence.

Volatility, correction or consolidation can be seen from August onwards. The monthly elemental influence also suggests that the financial market is likely to slow down particularly during the second half of the year starting from August onwards.

Water element being on top means wood and fire elements related industries would perform well this year i.e. agricultural, schools, systems and management, financial markets, media and advertising, beauty, energy, electrical, restaurants, films and performing arts related industries.

The Tiger — a Wood element is a travelling star. Hence, the potential for wood related product such as agriculture and food will be in demand this year.

2022 prediction country

For 2022, the wealth star lands in the North East and South and North region. Therefore, it would be good to stay focused on the North East and South and North countries for your wealth opportunities and investments.

Emerging Powers of Authority

We are still likely to see major shift in the political arena in 2022. Middle-aged men will be leading the political and corporate arena. Expect radical change in the countries located at the North West, East and Central regions.

Insights into the Worldly Year

2022 prediction compass

The Tiger is a travelling star influenced by the water element at the heavenly stem. It is likely to impact travelling, movements and logistics related activities. Should there be any disasters or accidents, it is likely to come from the sea, heavy rain, floods, hurricanes, landslides, etc.

Pay attention to February, May, November and especially August being the most critical month while travelling or engaging in sea sports or activities.

Countries in the Central or Middle regions, South West, and East are highly affected by conflicting energies.

The Yellow 5 will reside at the Central region, posing a threat for this region to be afflicted by disasters and misfortunes. This causes contamination, stagnancy with intense challenges or demanding obstacles. Yearly Star 2 in the South West brings about sickness and tardiness.

Physical Fitness and Vigour

Urinary bladder, liver and lungs are amongst the key concerns this year. With the COVID-19 virus still developing and mutating, it is not surprising to see more respiratory related illnesses in 2022. Staying vigilant with your immune system is the key to your good health and vitality.

The views expressed in the article are those of the author.

Helen OngHelen Ong, the founder of Senses.Live, is an Environmental Solutions Specialist, realigning and beautifying spaces to be spiritually uplifting, inspiring and balanced. She is the first Chinese Metaphysics practitioner in Asia to successfully combine the principles and techniques of BioGeometry with traditional Feng Shui. Her forward-thinking and open-minded approach to metaphysical practice and mastery updates ancient practices to modern norms.

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