2021 — Building On Lessons From 2020

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HAS the pandemic sparked the inventiveness in companies?

During the WED WEB CHAT — 2021 Vision With 2020 Hindsight, panellists Haresh Khoobchandani of Autodesk, Gibu Mathew (Zoho Corp), Anthony Wong (Creative Eateries) and Dr Sanjay Kuttan (Singapore Maritime Institute) talk about how their respective organisations used 2020 to develop new programmes, listened harder to their customers, discovered new ways of operating and stayed calm. Who did what, and what were the outcomes?

Watch the highlight below. The full discussion follows.

In a discussion that covered a variety of topics, issues raised included developing a hybrid model that married virtual and physical realms for more efficient interactions, developing an adaptive and learning mindset given the uncertainty of the future business landscape, being prepared for paradigm shifts, and potential failures.

The quality of leadership in a crisis is also telling, and the ability to communicate the challenges of venturing into uncharted waters while retaining talent will help business leaders connect with their employees.

While technology is an enabler, it’s merely a means to a possible end. It’s the cart that has to be led by the horse. But how do we get the elder workforce to adopt technology? Or can technology companies adapt their offering for easier adoption?

While technology adoption and innovation are constantly being emphasised, organisations need to understand what their core business is, and to go back to fulfilling that, rather than being overly distracted by technology.

Collaboration will also be key in bringing businesses forward. Working together helps to widen the knowledge and skills base and will help develop stronger strategies.

Watch the full discussion below.

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