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COMING to terms with your sexuality should be a very liberating, exciting and positive experience.

It is comforting to know that I have been instilled with a thorough and wholesome education on sexuality. Hence the local movement Celebrating SG Women can come of age with this added component of understanding that the female should be organically at ease with herself.

It is empowering to own an inner peace within the gender and then applying that awareness unto all aspects of life and all forms of relationships.

The sacred feminine form is due for an update in the 21st century.

Toys And Tools

WOWTECH specialises in premium intimate pleasure products. Its ultra sensual subsidiary We-Vibe offers products that are ergonomically designed in sleek silicone as compared to the handful in the market that are, for the lack of a better word, slightly behind the times. 

New features vary from discreet, non-slip handling to providing a unique sensations and the toys are USB chargeable. They’re also easy to clean. 

Sara Tang is a certified sexologist who had previously studied human sexuality at Stanford University. She coaches her clients on a wide range of issues spanning from mismatched libido to enhancing intimacy for couples. She also has a popular podcast titled “Better in Bed.” 

Thierry Chow is trained in feng shui and is a prolific designer applying this ancient Chinese practice.

They define sexuality in the feminine sense.

Thierry: Be fully who you are and channel that energy within yourself with no judgement, no shame. A lot of times we are judged by society and even by friends and family, I feel the best way is for one to channel that feminine energy regardless.

Sara: Sexuality is a subject that’s much broader than just sex. Because it’s how we experience and express ourselves as a female and it encompasses parts of our identity, our attitude, our values and our feelings. It is also the way we enjoy our body and the way we experience desire. This includes who we are attracted to.

So feminine energy is associated with intimacy, intuition, creativity and authenticity. The idea is that one is “in flow” as opposed to masculinity.

They talk about sexuality in today’s context.

How would they educate women on the taboo of intimate pleasure products even when the World Health Organization recognises “the importance of libido as one of the key indicators of general health and quality of life”.

Thierry: It’s about the conversation. A willingness to communicate. Because right now, nobody talks about this. But if we genuinely sit down to talk about it, women would be willing to move forward and listen.

Sara: For a start, intimate pleasure products can be introduced to women as a massage tool for the lady parts that’s good for health and wellness. It is relaxing, decreases stress and improves sleep. The Big ‘O’ releases feel-good hormones in the woman’s body.

Sara expresses her views on how the pandemic has affected intimacy among couples.

Growing older should not affect how one expresses oneself to a partner. It’s about building a stronger relationship and a stronger bond, reckon Sara and Thierry.

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