Travel Apps Help Save Time & Time

So many apps, so little time. Eversince Skyscanner blitzed the app landscape and appeared on almost everyone’s smartphone, every travel app now aims for that necessary status, often trying to outdo each other in offering all kinds of reservation services, from discounted hotel rates to customized concierge services.

Using predictive analytics, this app gets you the cheapest plane tickets. Hopper estimates, to the nearest dollar, how much you’re likely to seave or lose if you book a flight on any specific day. The app presents the data using colour-coded calendars with low-fare days in green (let’s go!) and higher-priced fares in red (hang on). Sign up and you receive push notifications when prices are likely to rise or fall. Available on iTunes.

Whether for next week or the next day, this app lists discounted rates for quality hotels. When hotels have unsold rooms, they load them on the app, giving travellers last dibs on good deals. Currently, the app lists hotels in North America, major European cities, the Middle-East and Africa, and Australia.

As the name suggests, this app offers suggestions on where you can get the best lounge services from its database of airport lounges. The app requires you to fill in a detailed traveller’s profile including your itinerary, frequent flier memberships, credit cards, memberships, and Loungebuddy will tell you the closes available lounges nearest your gate. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Loungebuddy is used by more than half-a-million users in over 190 countries.

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