How Much Should You Trust Machines?

OUR reliance on machines has grown since the industrial revolution. From production lines machines are now snug in our pockets and purses.

We have allowed machines to do the grunt work for us, but over time, we have become slaves to the machine, relying on it for virtually everything.

From online searches to hunting for a date, finding directions to shopping, the reliance on machines is becoming almost absolute.

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Should we be comfortable with this state of affairs?

When machines are tasked to do a job, we expect it to be done perfectly. But when they are tasked to make decisions for humans, it makes us uncomfortable. How much do people want to rely on machines?


At which point will it become scary?

And when will it become annoying when the machines seems to be following you; spewing options that echo your previous activity on the system?

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storm-22-11-58-of-177At the Keep It Going — the Nth revolutioN discussion on Machine Learning, the panellists weighed in with their thoughts on how our reliance on machines could raise issues on data protection and benefits to mankind and society.

Panelists for the session: Liu Feng-Yuan, Co-founder, BasisAI; Mikko Niemelä, CEO, Cyber Intelligence House, Joe Keen Poon, MD (Smart Cities Solutions) Surbana Jurong; and Dharma Sadasivan, Associate Director, BR Law.



Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN is sponsored by OUE, Goldbell, Vault@268 and was held at the Henderson showroom of W.Atelier.

More coverage in the coming days.

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