The Future Of Dining — WED WEB CHAT

OUR favourite topic gets more flavourful with Peter Knipp and Benny Se Teo peppering their thoughts on the subject of the dining scene.

Already struggling under the weight of onerous government restrictions on labour use, high rentals and a surfeit of dining options, the restaurant scene has long been fired up but under pressure.

COVID-19 was a reality check that switched off the flame and plunged the industry into cold water.

What will resurface? Who will have the right concept to draw customers back? Will this be the rationalisation of an over-populated industry?

Our panellists are no strangers to the business. Both Peter and Benny are known for making a distinctive mark in their respective areas.

Benny Se Teo has faced many challenges in life.

Having walked on the wrong side of the law, he has found his way into society’s good graces via its stomach.

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Benny started Eighteen Chefs, a business that has won awards and recognition a-plenty, and has also provided opportunities for ex-convicts and youths at risk to find a new way forward.

But COVID-19 has thrown another challenge for Benny to tackle. For the self-taught chef who has become a household name, it must be frustrating, like many of his industry peers, to be staggering under the weight of the invisible enemy, COVID-19.

Peter’S name is synonymous with the World Gourmet Summit (WGS). The chef turned hotelier turned events innovator has put Singapore on the map on many fronts.

He was at the helm of the Raffles Hotel kitchen when it reopened in 1991. After he left he introduced the WGS to Singapore which sparked the global food invasion into the Republic.
Now, as the world is knocked off its feet by COVID-19, the F&B industry will have to dig deep for resources and resolve to bounce back.
What will they have to do to achieve this?

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