What’s My Job When I Graduate? — WED WEB CHAT

From left: Maya Viswa, Nitin Bhagwan, Joel Kam and Maxine Avasadanond.

EVERY generation goes through the throes of finding employment and building a future for self and family.

No different today, although the circumstances are vastly different from generation to generation.

Singapore’s pioneer generation had to build up a country; a collaborative effort involving state and population.

As the multi nationals started entering the scene, Singapore rose to the challenge, bringing education as a key factor to beef up manufacturing, entrepot trade and building a globally acknowledged infrastructure.

There were jobs in abundance, the issue was what to choose.

Technology wrought its own destructive-creative energy sending some jobs into oblivion and bringing new ones to the fore.

Economies heaved and tried to keep pace as weighty governments chased the nimble technological rabbit which sprinted in short, darting bursts in a variety of directions.

New things had to be learnt, some on the fly, others quickly with an eye on the prize elsewhere in a rapidly interconnecting world.

Change came fast. It spread quickly. It took no prisoners.

And then came COVID-19, which spread globally and brought the world to a quick halt.

As businesses folded and new realities have to be dealt with, it’s time for another wave of uncertainty for students seeking the right path to new jobs.

What lies ahead? What will the next generation of the workforce have to contend with.

This week’s WED WEB CHAT features students who ask What’s My Job?

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Panellists for the session include undergrads, fresh grads and a recruiter.

Joel Kam, a recent graduate of Cass Business School, City University of London, where he studied Investment and Financial Risk Management. He has researched and co-written articles about real estate investment and policy changes in Singapore, including Why A Minimum Wage Policy Should Only Minimally Raise Costs.

Joel’s interests are varied, ranging from politics, finance and economics to technology and how things work.

Maya Viswa is currently studying Politics, Philosophy and Law at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom.

She is the current Vice President of the Warwick Law Society and has initiated various new strategies, events and movements including the inaugural Warwick Law Summit which will be held in February 2021.

Given the breadth of her degree, she is open to various career opportunities and pathways. Having graduated from School of the Arts, Singapore in 2017 before entering into university, she also holds a great appreciation and understanding of the arts and hopes to find more inter-disciplinary opportunities to get involved in the sector.  She would ideally aim to marry her social service orientation with her arts and academic training.

Maxine Avasadanond is a first-year law student at University College of London. Prior to studying law, she was a Raffles Girls’ Secondary School student, where she was a member of the Red Cross. She has written commentaries on previous WED WEB CHAT discussions.

Adding context to the discussion is Nitin Bhagwan, a Senior Consultant at Olofsson & Company. Nitin specialises in sales and marketing roles for the IT and Fin-Tech sectors. Over the past 2 years, he has broken records and received numerous awards for his success in the recruitment space.

Nitin received the Bachelor of Science – focused in International Business from the University of Sussex.

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