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FROM handling remote teams to dealing with volatility and leading by example, the leaders from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, OUE LTD, JW Marriott South Beach and GraceBlue Partnership offered insightful views and anecdotes at this WED WEB CHAT.

The topic — Preparing Leaders For A Competitive Future — is topical and a difficult one to address. Leadership can be a very personal way of conducting yourself, but speaking from experience, the panellists raised many useful points and offered suggestions and ideas that could help a new leader navigate a challenging future.

Panellists at the session:

Paul Harris, Asia Pacific Regional Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars;

Brian Riady, Deputy CEO & Executive Director, OUE Ltd;

Luna Bajracharya, Hotel Manager, JW Marriott Singapore South Beach, and;

Wladmir Silva, Chief Development Officer & Head of Consumer APAC, GraceBlue Partnership,

Watch the highlights and mini-videos. The full discussion is at the bottom of this article.

Do You Lead From The Front Or The Centre?

When do you take charge, and when do you get consensus?

Depending on the circumstances you find yourself in, you may need to resort to different approaches.

These are the opinions of the panellists at this WED WEB CHAT — Preparing Leaders For A Competitive Future.

Watch the video below.

PANELLISTS at the WED WEB CHAT — Preparing Leaders For A Competitive Future were asked how they would prepare their children to become future leaders.

The real world has tossed up some spectacular examples of leaders clearing the way for their children.

There have been some bad examples in leadership, and their rotten fruit have not fallen far from the tree. How would you raise your child if you were a leader?

Watch the video below.

You can watch the full discussion below.

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