The Cost Of Owning A Pet – WED WEB CHAT Report


THE panellists on this WED WEB CHAT do not know why they were drawn to having pets, but admit the relationship with their pets evolved over time.

Dr Jaipal Singh Gill reckons he has owned every legal pet and has seen the dynamic shift from just having a companion to “doing more for them”. As the Executive Director of the SPCA, he is well positioned to deliver on that promise.

Stephanie Ho is an animal lover, but only connected with her pets in her 20s when she moved into her own place. Animals have inspired her cute illustrations as Muffinsaurs and, more recently, the setting up of Paws And Patch, which provides wellness products such as flash-frozen calamari for pets.


“Why not have pets?” asks author and K9 dog trainer Eli Atias about pet ownership.

Back home in Israel he has horses and dogs, but since being on the road training K9 dog units for various armies and police forces globally, he feels it is not fair to have pets only to leave them frequently on business trips.

He has written a slim self-help book, Yes You Can Train Your Dog, with the proceeds to be donated to a canine charity.

The WED WEB CHAT discussion addresses issues that have troubled pet owners recently and for some time. From e-collars to having cats in HDB flats and the rising cost of pets during COVID-19, the WED WEB CHAT — Living With Pets unleashes an informative chat on the influence of animals in our lives.

Watch the highlights of the discussion below, followed by talking points on Cats in HDB flats and e-collars for training.

Do You Want Cats In HDB Flats?

Sounds like the title of a Dr Seuss book, but it’s a long-standing stand-off between cat lovers and the authorities. The panellists offer their views on the situation.

Would You E-Collar Your Pooch?

The panellists explain when this might be relevant, but generally feel it shouldn’t be used as a training tool.

You can watch the full discussion below.


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