Election Over…What’s Next?

GE2020 had enough drama in the lead up to the event to make it a memorable election.

Here is a sampling.

The large number of members of parliament retiring — more 20 — including veterans Khaw Boon Wan, Goh Chok Tong and Lim Swee Say.

The anticipated tactics employed by the parties to gain any advantage possible ran into a variety of challenges, but social media exerted a major influence, calling out some candidates for their past behaviour.

The new parties that entered the fray, and the more established ones that were in the thick of things, probably kept the incumbent on their toes.

Holding the election during a pandemic didn’t help, and still may not have shown its hand yet — give it a couple of weeks, maybe.

There were accusations, POFMA notices, good speeches, bright spots, characters of varying shapes and forms, and unexpected (or expected, depending on your stand) outcomes.

The drop in popularity for the People’s Action Party, and the loss of another GRC (and 3 key appointment holders), this time in Sengkang to an upstart Workers’ Party team, must be unsettling.

But the WP leader, Pritam Singh, is now the leader of the opposition. What comes with that — opportunities or obstacles?

Okay, so we are over the election. What’s next?

What will these fresh faces bring to government? What will our approach be as we continue battling the pandemic, managing a tanking economy, job losses and a challenging environment?

Lots of questions for our panellists in this week’s WED WEB CHAT to think about.

Prof Kirpal Singh is the Director of the Centre for Educational Leadership at Training Vision Institue. He is also a poet and lecturer who has seen many an election and watched Singapore’s growth over the years.

Ku Swee Yong, the CEO of International Property Advisor, has experience in the property and banking industries and imparts his knowledge to stuents at NUS, SMU and Ngee Ann Poly. He has also been a social commentator with a unique perspective.

Andrea Lee is pursing a communications degree at RMIT and is actively engaged in politics and society. She is a volunteer with the Progress Singapore Party.

Hear their views on the road ahead for Singapore following GE2020 on Wednesday, 15 July, from 12:45-1:30pm. Click on this link to register for the WED WEB CHAT.


If you have a topic that is of interest, or have someone who would make a good panellist with a thought-provoking perspective on a subject, please email editor@storm-asia.com with your details and a short summary.

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