Passion And Practical Tips For Authors


WHETHER it be a tragedy or a happy occasion, writing a book works best when there’s a passion to communicate underlying the process. That was the case with our panellists at the recent WED WEB CHAT — Writers On The Storm.

Watch the highlights from the discussion below.

Linda Collins wrote her book Loss Adjustment following her daughter’s suicide. She was driven by a voice within and circumstances that came together in a bestseller that aims to raise awareness of suicide. 

For Eleanor Lin, giving birth resulted in long checklists which she thought would be useful for new mothers to have as a reference. As a result, her book, Mummy’s Guilt?, is a practical reference tool.

Cynthia Mak has been in the publishing industry for close to two decades. The time spent with international business book publisher Wiley has provided her with insights into an industry that was once considered in its twilight years, but has pivoted to take advantage of new mediums of communication.

They talk with Kannan Chandran, publisher of about the challenges of becoming a writer and the combination of luck and pluck that has to come together to realise a creative product.

Watch the discussion.

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If you have a topic that is of interest, or have someone who would make a good panellist with a thought-provoking perspective on a subject, please email with your details and a short summary.

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