WED WEB CHAT – What Kind Of Society Do You Want?

WE HAVE come far since independence.

But the road ahead is lined with a variety of mines and potholes. How do we navigate this?

And what sort of society will we be building for future generations to inherit?

Today’s WED WEB CHAT panellists will offer their respective perspectives on the topic — What Kind Of Society Do We Want To Live In? —bringing in their own experiences to the discussion. And what a rich vein of experiences, too!

Tay Kheng Soon, Audrey Perera and Ravi Krishnan are vastly experienced in their respective fields.

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Building Societies

Tay Kheng Soon is an Adjunct Professor at the National University of Singapore Architecture faculty. He was the president of the Singapore Institute of Architects from 1990 to 1993. He received the SIA Gold Medal in 2010 for achievements in architecture and the profession. He received the 2015 Singapore Design Golden Jubilee Award from the Singapore Design Council.

He is a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science and member of the World Ekistics Society which studies the science behind human settlements. 

A believer in experiential learning, he was conferred by the Scout Association of Singapore its Gold Medal for distinguished services to scouting in Singapore. 

He is currently undertaking fundamental planning and architecture design research which include Rubanisation (rural urbanisation) and the Concept of Modular Cities. He is rethinking the economy and therefore different forms of urbanisation in the production of viable living choices against the limitations of neo-liberal urbanism. 

Enhancing The Medical Image

Ravi Krishnan started Mach7 with the intention of levelling the medical imaging playing field. Ravi is a founding partner and Chief Strategy Officer of Mach7 Technologies and is an accomplished image management professional with nearly 2 decades of experience with global companies like GE Healthcare and Agfa Healthcare. As one of the two co-founders of Mach7, Ravi has built the design philosophy and technical strategy for Mach7, which delivers an Enterprise Imaging Platform that unlocks disparate archive silos, consolidates patient data, and simplifies sharing and access.

Enabling Greater Participation

Audrey Perera champions the less fortunate but certainly no less talented in society.

Audrey is an independent festival producer based in Singapore. Trained as a journalist, she spent several years as an award-winning reporter and editor before embarking on a parallel career in the arts. She brought in the iconic World of Music Arts & Dance (WOMAD) to Singapore, bringing in hundreds of performing artists from all over the world. She has created other festivals, including The Ultimate Tribute ConcertMade in Singapore! and Play It Back!, celebrating the music of international pop icons, and Singapore’s own heritage of music and dance. 

In 2016, The Nippon Foundation (TNF) appointed her Festival Director of True Colours Festival Singapore, its Asia Pacific celebration of artists with disabilities. The first of its kind in the world, True Colours Festival presented more than 200 performing artists from more than 20 countries performing over a three-day weekend, alongside a village of interactive activities, workshops, talks, visual arts and music. More than 10,000 people experienced the milestone festival.

If you’d like to join this free lunchtime session, register at this link: WED WEB CHAT  – What Kind Of Society Do We Want To Live In?

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