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THE allure of the metaverse lies in the opportunities that exist.

With big names like Google, Sony, Meta and Microsoft jumping into this space, signs are this is the next big thing.

Panellists at the WED WEB CHAT — Who’s Playing In The Metaverse discuss the possibilities and pitfalls of entering and engaging in the metaverse. It’s an uncharted space with big players wrestling for control. In many respects, it recreates the real world and its issues in a virtual environment.

While there are possibilities to develop new products in this environment at a lower cost, is it a safe place to invest your life savings?

Panellists for the session: Harish Pillay, Global Head Community Architecture and Leadership at software company Red Hat Inc.; Sergey Belov, Application Security Lead at global cyber protection giant, Acronis; and Manfred Ng, CEO of Monopolon.

Below are some video highlights from the discussion.

You can watch the full video of the WED WEB CHAT — Who’s Playing In The Metaverse? at the end of the article.

Who Controls The Metaverse?

Harish Pillay of Red Hat Inc. feels all the talk about the metaverse is just hype. He likens it to Second Life, which may have made its debut too early.

He would prefer a metaverse that is not controlled by any single person or organisation, and one in which people can build, operate and exit with their creations. 

Watch the video below.

Monopolon: Virtual Monopoly

Manfred Ng, founder of Monopolon wants to excite the metaverse with his real estate game built on the Monopoly board game. Using NFTs and crypto currency he wants to create a virtual real estate market.

But while there are opportunities to be had, how much awareness will participants have of the dangers lurking in the metaverse?

Harish Pillay of Red Hat Inc. reckons everyone is a potential target since the real world issues are recreated in the metaverse.

And while Manfred feels there are ways to introduce a level of democracy into his game, Harish feels business is not about democracy. And, he adds, governments, even those claiming to operate democratically, may impose their will on the metaverse.

That said, should you invest in the Metaverse? 

Metaverse Careers

Sergey Belov of Acronis reckons students should take baby steps to learn and understand how the metaverse works, and to undertake small transactions to give them a feel for what this platform offers.

Manfred Ng of Monopolon reckons there will be several opportunities arising for fresh graduates to consider immersing themselves in the metaverse; from cryptocurrency and blockchain to designing and entertaining.

Harish Pillay of Red Hat Inc. is more sceptical, but welcomes the resulting interest in technology, which will allow for a better understanding of what’s available and what’s to come.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — Who’s Playing In The Metaverse? below.

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