Would Parents Like Their Children To Be Farmers?

WED WEB CHAT Feeding Singapore

AS Singapore took to the tech path and rushed from third world to first world nation status, it was achieved at some cost.

Farming was sidelined, but whether you’re first world or third, you still need to eat. So, now there’s a push to high-tech farming methods, which begs the question is it about feeding Singaporeans, are accelerating the tech journey?

Singapore imports 90% of its food requirements, and the government wants to have 30% of the nation’s nutritional needs taken care of by 2030.

The WED WEB CHAT — Who Will Feed Singapore? gathers farmers and a technology player as they discuss the way ahead. Panellists Kenny Eng, Director and Principal consultant of Gardenasia and the founder of The Local Farm; Nicholas Goh, aka Farmer Nick is the Founder of Nature’s International Commodity; and Tan Chong Hui, co-founder of JAH Tech a deep-tech firm producing a variety of products, including JAH Cultura, speak with moderator Kannan Chandran.

How do we build interest in farming? What role does technology play in farming? How long will it take for the “poor farmer” mindset to be shaken off and parents will be happy that their children grow up to be farmers?

Would You Let Your Child Be A Farmer?

If parents are willing to accept farming as a profession, the opportunities in the industry will improve reckons Nicholas  and Kenny.

Watch the video below. 

You can watch the full recording of the WED WEB CHAT — Who Will Feed Singapore? at the bottom of the article.

Short Leases & Short Leashes

Farming in Singapore faces issues around lease terms. Kenny reckons by the time you are about to become profitable, your lease could be up.

Nicholas wonders if high tech in farming is more about the tech than the farming. 

Which begs the question, who will grow the food?

Chong Hui reckons his industry should serve a supporting role to farmers.

Don’t Feel Too Secure

Just because we always have food on the table, don’t take it for granted that our food security is a given.

Kenny says we have to be mindful of Singapore’s land scarcity and even military land could be turned into agricultural land.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — Who Will Feed Singapore? below.

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