Your WiFi Could Be Making You Sick

WHAT used to be clear head space is now cluttered with invisible matter that whizzes by and possibly through you; unseen infiltrators of your personal space which could threaten you and your business.

Waves of data flow around us, EMF (electromagnetic fields) abound and fill up the environment, while modern living builds into the earth, plumbs for resources and continues to physically and socially disrupt our way of life.

While many businesses have used geomancy and fengshui (Chinese Metaphysics) to try and deflect ill will and bring about better prospects, these ancient practices may seem somewhat outdated in light of new technology and the pace of living.

Helen Ong of Senses.Live has long been a practitioner of fengshui, a result of an initial foray into interior design work.

“In 20 years, there’s not been much change in attitudes in this field. There is too much superstition in use in fengshui which is not ideal for modern living,” Helen says.

“The old men who give advice make the house look like a temple. I figured out there’s so much more you can do if you can understand the elements and use them in design.”

Helen’s training in BioGeometry plays a big part in bridging the old methods with current trends.

BioGeometry deals with the energy of shapes and vibrations to balance energy fields. Developed by Dr Ibrahim Karim in 1968 Egypt, it uses physical objects to interact with Earth’s energy fields to produce balancing effects on the energy fields surrounding the human body.

Negative Effects Of Modernisation

“WiFi, EMF, construction, beams and columns, are just some of the factors that affect our well being,” Helen points out.

Helen Ong

For places that cannot be remedied by fengshui because the seating in a room is fixed or too much has been invested in the interior decor, BioGeometry comes into play.

While fengshui uses a compass, BioGeometry also takes into consideration geopathic stress, or Ley lines that demarcate Earth’s energies. These energies have been used as reference points for building prehistoric monuments and medieval churches.

Helen studies a space to see how the energy flow is affected by things like the electricity supply, the WiFi and the power and water lines, and places physical objects that have been tooled to help shift the energies so they become beneficial to the residents.

It’s a less disruptive way of creating a better space.

“Once this is done, we notice productivity goes up and there’s less tendency to fall sick.”

Helen also has advice for those who want to try and do a quick fix when they are in a space fix.

Helen Ong delivers her talk, “Can Chinese Metaphysics Help During An Economic Downturn?” on Friday 27 September, at Cafe One O, #10-01 Orchard Central. Tickets are priced at $35 and includes refreshments. If you would like to attend RSVP HERE.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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