3D TV Coming Your Way

At the recent Web 5.0 conference, Dr Herbert Lee, founder of Marvel Digital, part of the XBE Group, spoke about glasses free 3D, where you don’t have to use special eyewear to have things pop at you on a screen.

The large screen format of glasses free 3D are used in China for advertisements, and a limited edition of 1,000 3D phones were made.

But it proved too expensive to make the phones commercially available.

Now the special chips that create the 3D effect will be made available to mass consumer manufacturers to be made into TV displays.

There are many other uses for glasses free 3D screens, including education and entertainment.

Dr Lee hails from the influential Hong Kong property families operating Siu On Realty and Henderson Land Development Company.

He opted to venture into technology as he felt it could benefit society. He currently holds more than 45 registered patents and more than 800 authorized patents worldwide.

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