Are You Fit For Purpose?


ARE you fit for purpose?

That’s a question you can ask yourself and anyone at any time and in any situation.

Do you sometimes feel like a square peg in a round hole? Or that you’re not equipped to do something, whether it’s a sport or a job?

So, how do you get yourself into a state or shape that will be relevant to the task at hand — whether it’s physical, mental or emotional?

The next WED WEB CHAT — Are You Fit For Purpose? discusses the topic of relevance and being fit for what you are supposed to do.

The panellists hail from various disciplines and will bring their own views on the topic to bear on 6 September 2023 from 12:45-1:30pm (SGT). Feel free to join in the discussion, or if you have a prior appointment and would like to ask questions, email and we’ll try and address them.

Janice Chia
Janice Chia, founder of Aspire55 wants the elderly to be independent.

Founder & Managing Director, Ageing Asia, Singapore

Janice Chia is a woman on a mission.

She wants people to age healthily through innovation, better products and services. 

“Ageing requires a mindset shift; enablement is the new black in the business of ageing,” she insists.

“The traditional notions of filial piety — ‘to look after and do things for them (your elderly parents)’ — is gradually changing in Asia. The new philosophy of filial piety is about enabling older people to age as independently as possible, supporting them with the right products and services for ageing-in-place and creating opportunities to age with purpose.

Janice is creating social health communities that will help older people avoid nursing homes.

Aspire55, which she started in 2013, is considered as Asia’s first virtual retirement village, a wellbeing community offering a combination of social and care services while allowing members to continue living in their existing homes.

Karl Sasi
Karl Sasi turns his hand from hockey to occupational therapy.

Occupational Therapist & Former National Hockey Player

Karl Sasi grew up balancing studies with playing hockey. His stick work was of a standard that saw him proudly donning the national colours.

Since 2018, home has been in Perth, Western Australia, where he studied occupational therapy while playing in the WA Hockey League. 

“My love for hockey led me across four continents,” he reflects.

Elite level training is very different to staying fit to keep mind and body in sync, he reasons. 

As an occupational therapist in the National Disability Insurance Scheme, he has to counsel patients, encouraging them to work on their recovery.

“In my view, embodying ‘fit for purpose’ is initiating a thoughtful long-term commitment/goal to one’s path of personal responsibility. It involves setting the stage of physical resilience, sharpening mental capacities, and structuring your environment to facilitate a life rich in meaning and purpose.”

Kim Lee
Kim Lee had a brainwave to live a healthy life.

Brain Training Practitioner

Kim Lee stays physically and mentally active and pushes the boundaries for someone in the silver generation. As she climbs ropes and swings upside down, she also marvels at the  inner workings of the brain. 

“Is there anything more intriguing than the complex marvel that is our brain, the organ of our personality and performance,” she asks.

After a childhood brain illness, which required her to relearn how to speak, she subequently started observing her peers, parents and others around her as they aged. She decided to shift her focus from the media to understanding the brain.

In 2012, she became a brain training practitioner.

She worked mainly with children with learning, developmental and attention disorders and adults with insomnia, anxiety, depression and trauma. 

While they improved, training brains isn’t a panacea, Kim says. People had to know how to take care of their brains to keep living at their best. 

Kim now coaches clients to understand the needs of their brains and bodies, and to cultivate supportive mindsets and lifestyle habits.

Expect this eclectic mix of ideas and characters to come together in a lively conversation that will fire those neurons in your brain as you work towards being fit for whatever purpose you have in mind.

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