Blinkered For The Fight


RACE horses are often found with blinkers on to get them to focus on getting to the finish line first. No distractions like crowds or anything else should keep the jockey and owner from the purse.

In the world of eSports, such focus is needed, too, since to the victor go the spoils.

BenQ ZOWIE has introduced its own version of blinkers — called “shields”, of course — on its top-tier monitor models to help video game players stay focused and not be distracted by people and popping flashguns in the audience.

At the BenQ ZOWIE launch of the XL2540 ($799) and XL2735 ($1,049) the product specialist who has spent 15 years playing games which he says taught him everything, small touches as blinkers and paperweights that hold the mouse in place could be the difference between a $5,000 and $50,000 purse.

The screens are also equipped with screens that reduce light reflection, Black eQualizer, which enhances visibility in dark scenes, and the S Switch to access settings and saved modes.

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