Boomers Have More To Offer


THE post-World War II Baby Boomer generation has lived through some significant global situations.

From technological advances to financial crashes and a global pandemic, this generation, born between 1946 and 1964 (currently aged between 76 and 58) lived through a variety of events that changed the world and helped lay the foundation of what has shaped the world, and what’s to come.

They grew up listening to new music as pop and rock started flowing through the airwaves, and they welcomed television sets and telephones at home. Books on business, self-help, self-awareness and an array of topics rolled out to feed their appetite for knowledge and what was taking place in other parts of the world.

Wealth grew as nations found their strengths and built upon them, and as the population benefitted from their improved circumstances, they acquired; from property to businesses, land and ideas, along with a taste for luxury goods and brand value.

Travel by planes made it easier to connect with the world, and the awareness of what lay in foreign lands helped develop an appreciation of different cultures, new business opportunities and expanded potential.

The internet kicked everything into a higher gear as smartphones and computers made so many services mobile: From shopping to banking to education and health.

There are about 1 million Baby Boomers in Singapore — those born between 1947 and 1964 — who make up around 30% of the population.

The last of the Boomers are fast heading into their sunset years. By 2030 they would all be over 65 years old. But it may not be a retirement they were thinking of when they first entered the job market.

With life expectancy continuing to grow — almost 84 years on average in Singapore — the health and welfare systems will be put to the test.

Living With Constant Change

Changes have been non-stop and as industries have vanished to the onward surge of digitalisation; a new world of artificial intelligence and automation that minimises man’s involvement seems to be drawing nearer. Added to this, what impact will climate change have on society?

The Boomers must be heaving a sigh of relief they aren’t going to be in the thick of this dogfight with binary decision makers where grey may not be an option.

But for those who made their retirement plans decades ago, the changes could also spell some years of discomfort. As people live longer thanks to medical intervention they also have to contend with rising costs and uncertainty about how their finances will hold up in the wake of financial crises and the eventual recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the Boomers grow older and weaker, will the health system continue to support them?

It won’t be too long till they find out.

wwc 190122 BoomerThe 50th discussion in STORM-ASIA’s WED WEB CHAT series zooms in on the Boomers and what lies ahead for them.

Three Boomers — psychologist Mary George, musician Jeremy Monteiro and zoo designer Bernard Harrison — join the discussion to inject optimism into the discussion. And to balance things, a representative of Caregivers Group — Letitia Zhang — will share what she has gleaned about the needs of the elderly.

“People born in the 1960s who are now into their 60s continue to remain active in 2022. Rather than retire, they feel like there is still much to do. We remain relevant with our experience and tenacity. If Boomers learn to collaborate with young people, the combination can be a highly potent force for good and positive change.” — Jeremy Monteiro

“As a ’60s child, I looked up at starlit night skies. No more. But, I know the stars are still there as I see them in my mind’s eye. That is our gift as Boomers — rich memories and a desire to create more.” — Mary George

” I have lived just over half my potential life span. I wonder what is to come in the next 50 years.” — Bernard Harrison

The Boomer generation has enjoyed a life rich in experiences and changes that have paved the way for future generations. 

How much more can they pack into their onward journey? 

To join what promises to be an entertaining lunchtime WED WEB CHAT on 19 Jan at 12:45pm (SGT) register via this link:

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