More Listed Companies To Be Taken Private?


FOR THOSE wondering about the direction the stock market is headed, there were some hints provided by the panellists at the recent Charger Award.

Kamal Samuel, MD of Financial PR, said there were many companies with good fundamentals that could be taken private due to the lack of liquidity in the market.

L-R: Kannan Chandran, Dr Anil Ratty, Dr Clemen Chiang, Kamal Samuel

Previously, when valuations were down and liquidity was down, the private equity firms swooped in and privatised a number of companies since the stock market was not appreciating them.

Some private equity firms may see the potential in taking these listed companies private to turn a profit, Kamal observed.

Charger Award

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Dr Clemen Chiang of Spiking sees parallels with Super Group and OSIM which were privatised and expects more opportunities to make money.

The famed “Popiah King”, Sam Goi, sold his stake in Super Group, which was eventually sold to Dutch coffee giant Jacobs Douwe Egberts for $1.45 billion.

Ron Sim Chye Hock bought back the shares for the SGX-listed OSIM in 2016. He took the company private before private equity firm KKR took a significant stake in V3 which owns OSIM and TWG Tea.

Dr Anil Ratty of Cennerv Pharmaceuticals, said that Singapore needs industries that are tech-heavy, have robust IPs and are on a growth curve.



More coverage in the coming days.

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