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FATfreq IEMs

IT’S the oft heard story of a group of youths finding friendship and a shared passion that leads them into business.

For a group of church band buddies, the opportunity to start a business rose out of a need. 

In-ear monitors (IEM) are necessary for performers to hear themselves onstage or in the studio. But they come at a high price and often do not fit very well. And in the event they are faulty it takes a long time to get them fixed.

Aaron Tan, Benjamin Tan and Ivan Cheong, co-founders of FATfreq set up their enterprise to repair damaged IEMs but also to build their own range of monitors.

The budding enterprise grew quickly and soon a lot of their friends were after these customised IEMs that were purpose built for each user and had colourful, personalised faceplates.

But soon after they moved into their new premises on Mosque Street, the pandemic hit, which meant the lads had to restrategise how they conducted business. But that hasn’t deterred them from pressing on.

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In the narrow second floor unit, the camaraderie is evident as the small team goes about the business of developing new products, manufacturing these small units and repairing faulty sets from other brands.

FATfreq has plans to expand, and a vision to grow, but everything in moderate steps.

Ivan and Benjamin talk about creating a sound business.

FATfreq is located at 29A Mosque Street Singapore 059507.

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