Find Your “Why” In Life And Other Useful Tips

WED WEB CHAT are you fit for purpose?

FIND your “why” in life, set goals, teach the young about aging, have fun…

Just some of the advice from the panellists in the WED WEB CHAT — Are You Fit For Purpose? The panellists — brain training practitioner, Kim Lee, occupational therapist and former national hockey player, Karl Sasi and founder of Active55 and Ageing Asia, Janice Chia — also discuss issues around being fit physically, mentally and emotionally. 

The issues raised included discovering your sense of purpose, keeping fit for a longer life of activity, the changing face of society and the importance of being disciplined when it comes to achieving goals.

Here are some key highlights from the discussion.

The full video of the discussion is available at the end of the article.

Defining Fit For Purpose

Smaller families are going to be coping with elderly parents living longer, while dealing with the rising cost of looking after the elderly. The importance of being physically able to function as long as possible hinges on the physical capabilities, mental capacities, spiritual fitness and diet.

100 Squats A Day

Kim leads a group of seniors on a weekly “gentle” exercise that includes 100 squats. Karl says key to being fit for purpose is understanding your purpose and goal setting, with discipline thrown in.

Getting Your 40 Winks

The importance of sleep was echoed by all panellists. It helps the brain repair itself and good sleeping habits make you look younger. And drink more water!

Not Working 9 To 5

While work is important and almost necessary as we try to make ends meet, it’s important to adopt an active aging attitude. Keep moving and engage with fun activities as part of a regular routine. And have a good group of people with you to spur you on.

How To Be Fit In A Foodie Haven

Eating is a national sport, reckons Janice Chia, who admits it’s hard to change people’s habits when it comes to eating.

But moderation could help balance between having your cha kway teow and eating it.

Tips to Become Fit For Purpose

Get your foundation right, says Kim, and that means, your diet, sleep habits and exercise routine.

Age with laughter and purpose, reckons Janice.

While Karl says you should find your “why”.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — Are You Fit For Purpose? below.

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