Turning Old Lights Into New Art

Formula 1 light art

IN its tenuous attempt to continue to remain relevant to global events, this year’s Formula One race in Singapore will feature eco-friendly LED floodlights.

While still delivering blindingly bright light, it’ll save on energy consumption by 30%. Maybe some of that light should have been shone on all the behind-the-scenes goings-on with the leadership of F1, past and present, as well as in the organising countries. But, that’s another story.

Meanwhile, back at the track for this year’s night street race in Singapore, you may well wonder what’s going to happen to all those lights that were used in previous races.

Instead of being unceremoniously scrapped, they’ve been handed over to 10  local artists who will convert them to works of art.

In A Project Of Art In The Night Race, the exhibits are expected to shine brighter than the prosaic title (the idea was mooted by an engineering company, after all).

Unlike F1, which is quite rigid in terms of how the cars are fashioned and run, the artists working on the old lights will be using a variety of techniques to make them glow anew.

Kumari Nahappan has assembled multiple floodlights into a sculpture while Victoria Hertel uses parts of the lights to create vessels. Daniel Chong is creating a vase. Some are abstract pieces, and there are tributes to the car and the race itself.

Curated by Nadia Stefanel, Director of Dino Zoli Foundation, the theme of the exhibition is Illumination, Transformation and Symbolism.

Entry to the exhibition, which runs from 13–19 September 2023, is free.


The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429

Find out more about Dino Zoli and its involvement in Singapore’s F1 races.

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