Garlic Oil – Whip It UP!

GARLIC, pungent and intense, transforms ordinary cooking oil into a smooth and fragrant concoction that is so versatile. With crunchy garlic crisps, it’s great with all stir-fries as well as steamed dishes whereas the more subtle garlic-infused oil, when drained of crisps, is just as excellent for Western dishes.

Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: 1/5
Cost: S$3.00
Servings: 175g

A: Garlic and Ginger

250ml oil
14-15 cloves garlic, peeled and washed
Thumb-sized ginger, skin scraped off and washed
¼ teaspoon salt


1. Using a paper towel, pat dry garlic and ginger. Coarsely chop garlic and ginger separately with a food processor or a cleaver.

2. Heat up a medium frying pan. Pour in oil, followed by garlic and ginger. Take note as the oil will start to bubble owing to the moisture in garlic. Keep stirring to cook ginger and garlic evenly.

3. Once bubbling slows down, add salt. Stir to mix it up evenly.

4. Cook garlic until light brown. When it starts browning, reduce to low heat. Keep an eye on the garlic as it darkens quickly. Turn heat off once it becomes golden brown and crisp.

5. Pour entire contents into a deep bowl. When it is completely cool, transfer to sterilised screw-top jars. It keeps well at room temperature for 1 month.

6. For garlic-infused oil, strain oil of garlic and pour it into an oil dispenser. It is ideal for making vinaigrette, salads, mashed potato, bread dips, pesto, mayonnaise and focaccia. Set aside garlic chips for steamed vegetables and stir-fries.

STORING TIP: Garlic oil can keep well up to 1 month when stored away from sunlight.

TECHNIQUE: Using a spatula or large spoon, keep stirring after ginger and garlic has been added to cook it evenly over low-medium heat. This prevents the garlic from getting burnt.

Photos: Thana Ravindran

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