What Lurks In The Dark Web?

MIKKO Niemelä talks about the dark web, the deep web and what goes on in these virtual places.

The dark web is particularly fascinating for the activities that take place there, he explained at the recent Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN on Machine Learning & Design.

The dark web is accessed by a specific browser and is a hive of  anonymity. Hence, hackers discuss plans in the open, listing targets.

Mikko’s company has just launched the Cyber Exposure Index, which shows how exposed various Singapore companies are on the internet.


In the past 3.5 years of building up this index, he has amassed more than 5 million passwords.

Mikko shares how organisations and individuals could better protect their identities and minimise exposure to threats.

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Goldbell Group

Hacker Behaviour Hacked

Hackers spend 90% of the time collecting information. Once they have information, they attack. Unlike the movies where it’s the toughest nuts that they try to crack, in real life, it’s the easy targets that hackers go after.

It’s important to know how exposed your business is are and what you have to do to fix the situation, is Mikko’ s advice.

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Scenes From A Discussion

Panellists for the session: Liu Feng-Yuan, Co-founder, BasisAI; Mikko Niemelä, CEO, Cyber Intelligence House, Joe Keen Poon, MD (Smart Cities Solutions) Surbana Jurong; and Dharma Sadasivan, Associate Director, BR Law.

You can read other articles from this year’s Keep It Going series at this link: http://www.storm.sg/keep-it-going/



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