Keep It Going: Scenes From A Discussion

WHAT does machine learning have to offer individuals and organisations?

At the recent Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN discussion organised by STORM magazine, panelists from a variety of industries shared their thoughts on the topic.

The event, sponsored by OUE, Goldbell and Vault@268 was held at W.Atelier.

Watch out for more reports on the discussion.

Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN panelists
Panelists (L-R): Dharma Sadasivan, Mikko Niemela, Joe Keen Poon, Liu Feng-Yau and moderator Kannan Chandran

Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN, W. Atelier
The discussion was held in the comfortable setting of W.Atelier’s showroom in Henderson.

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Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN
Liu Feng-Yuan, Co-Founder of BasisAI applied data science and machine learning to good effect while at GovTech.

Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN, Mikko Niemela
Mikko Niemela, CEO of Cyber Intelligence House, commented on personal online housekeeping needs.

Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN, Joe Keen Poon
How much can you rely on machines, asks Joe Keen Poon, Managing Director, Smart City Solutions, Surbana Jurong?

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Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN, Dharma Sadasivan
Dharma Sadasivan, Associate Director, BR Law Corporation discussed issues around the legal implications of AI.

Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN, Prof Sattar Bawany
Prof Sattar Bawany, CEO of the Centre For Executive Education spoke about reverse mentoring.

Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN
This is the second instalment of the Nth revolutioN.



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