Living In This City

Living In This City

FOR a little red dot, there’s certainly a lot going on in Singapore.

What’s it like living in a city that has grown in global stature in 50 years despite its natural disadvantages?

What’s it been like for those who have lived through four generations of leaders? And what will it be like for those who will have more changes to contend with?

What do the four panellists in this week’s WED WEB CHAT — Living In This City have to say about their lives thus far, and what do they have to look forward to?

Join the Zoom discussion on 5 July 2023 from 12:45-1:30pm (SGT).

Register via this link: and join in the discussion.

About the panellists:

Pamela Sng

Pamela Sng is the CEO and Founder of Need A Planner Events. She has over 18 years of experience planning corporate, luxury and lifestyle events.

She has spent the past five years actively involved with the establishment of start-up companies, while managing event departments and facilities in prestigious co-working spaces situated in Singapore. Additionally, she has indulged in engaging tech and innovation projects.

“Stay committed to your goals but be flexible in your approach” is a quote from Tony Robbins that resonates with Pamela.

What does she feel about living in Singapore?

“Living in this vibrant city as it shifts needs us to be opportunistic as well as innovative with our direction when trends change.”

Tracy Tang has worked in the design and media industry for 12 years, specialising in creative direction, production design, UI/UX design, and writing. 

She now splits her time between Singapore and the Philippines as the co-founder of Production55, a holistic production house with offices in both countries.

Tracy’s thoughts on living in Singapore:

“Living in Singapore can at times feel like being in a bubble – it’s imperative that we take stock of the lessons of our past, and apply them to our future.”

Prof Kirpal Singh

Prof Kirpal Singh spent 45 years in education, teaching and doing research work at NUS, NTU and SMU. He has retired from full-time work and is now an Advisor/Consultant especially in the area of Creative Leadership.

He is currently Director of the Centre for Educational Leadership at TVI (Training Vision Institute) and continues to serve as Visiting Professor to universities in the USA, UK, Australia and Malaysia. Prof Singh is a poet and author and is currently finishing a book on Creativity and Leadership.

What does Kirpal feel about his life in Singapore?

“Living in this City is great. It’s generally very safe and clean and actually quite beautiful. Few cities in the world can claim all three qualities.”

Richard Hoon

Richard Hoon is a Board Chairman, independent Director and Mentor & Advisor to C-Suite Executives.

He is the Founder and former CEO of I Search Worldwide, an international executive search group with 10 offices in the region and many associates around the world. He has almost 30 years of experience managing and fulfilling search mandates around the world. He was the former managing director of Asia for an international search group.

Richard has worked with several global organisations, across various industries, including International SOS, the Australian States of Victoria & Tasmania and American Express.

Richard was the former Chairman of the Young President’s Organisation (YPO) Singapore and the former Regional Chairman of YPO for South East Asia and a member of the YPO International Board of Directors. 

Richard is active in various charities and societies and enjoys collecting art, playing pickleball, badminton, swimming, weekend golf and taking long brisk walks.

He has 3 adult married daughters.

Here’s Richard’s thoughts on living in Singapore:

“Living in the city can sometimes be a lonely place in the midst of busyness and activities. The secret to thriving in this city is to find purpose and meaning in life, work and relationships, and learn to be mindful and unplug from time to time.”

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