Time To Face The Music

DEAR Roderick.

To me, this crooner throws sumthin’ unto beauty that makes for an attractive experience. I like that his scratchy voice make me feel his tunes inside my bones.

Likewise, most women should be rushing off for a much needed facial with the lifting of the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) after June 13. 

After a month of neglected beauty routine, does one leap for the best facial salon in town ie: the coveted La Mer facial at The Ritz? In truth, beauty is priceless and a hefty price tag doesn’t necessarily mean one has to buy into sensationalism popularised by new  money.

I had the good fortune or rather, luck, of having my facial sessions all sorted pre P2HA measures. I picked two non-commercialised facial salon for experiences that opened up in terra incognita, as far as beauty goes, and which I couldn’t fully grasp why, but, hey, it worked for me. 

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Beauty emanates, crudity uglifies.

My first stop: Glam Zone SG which is a luxury boutique salon wholly run by Uzbekistan born Lilya Muedinova. A one woman show, Lilya introduced me to the Paris-based Biologique Recherche products that she carries. This line of beauty products has a high concentration of botanical, marine and biological extracts, and what’s more it is fragrance free. Well suited for allergy-prone me. 

I could tell Lilya has hands built for a beautician especially when she meticulously dotted my face with the VIP O2 booster. This is a unique formula of silk extracts and a specific oxygenating complex that traps oxygen at the surface of the skin to create an environment that stimulates the epidermis’ natural functions.

To restore radiance to my face, she proceeded with the Masque VIP O2 which is recommended for stressed and tired skin. I liked that it is not creamy, in fact this face mask is light and airy. What impressed me the most was that Lilya let the mask work its wonders on me whilst she proceeded to take care of my Mom waiting for me at the consultation area. It’s the little things that matter when it comes to personalised service.


A month later, I found myself chancing upon another gem at My Cozy Room. Victorian decor oozed elegance for what I hoped would be a decadent afternoon facial.

Aside from offering the best acne extraction service in Singapore, the owner Celine introduced me to her beautician who was to transform me with a bridal facial! 

Every woman dreams of looking like a pretty bride every day. 

Using the German skincare products by BABOR, the beautician whispered to me during my shoulder massage “I give your face magic!” After my minimal pore extraction was done, my face was unclogged by an intelligent active system that regulates the skin’s natural bacterial flora. 

I drifted off while the oxygen dome was placed atop my face. Ahhh…I felt like I was replenished in some Space Odyssey movie where fresh O2 was infused into my being. The best part was, I could literally feel my face waking up while my eyes were closed.

Also, it’s about the people. I felt very much at home at My Cozy Room ’cos of the sincerity extended to me. 

Just like that song Sir Rod Stewart popularised, Rhythm Of My Heart. Struck a chord, and more.

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