Marketing — Tricks Or Treats?

WED WEB CHAT marketingMarketing, that ever growing business tool, has invaded many realms in business due to the vagueness of its domain and the extensiveness of its reach.

Trying to get a grip on this slippery beast are the panellists in the WED WEB CHAT — Marketing: Truth or EXAGGERATION?

audrey perera
Audrey Perera, Executive Director True Colors Festival THE CONCERT 2022

Audrey Perera, Executive Producer, True Colors Festival THE CONCERT 2022 is a Singapore-based arts festival producer and director who began her career in the arts, after more than a decade of editorial work. 

Lucie Pugnot, Regional Marketing Manager, McLaren Automotive Asia

Lucie Pugnot, Regional Marketing Manager, McLaren Automotive Asia has more than a decade of experience in brand management with global luxury companies, like LVMH and Richemont. With McLaren Automotive, she is supervising marketing and PR in APAC, a total of 11 Markets and 20 retailers across the region.

Julian So
Julian So, Group CEO, XBE

Julian So, Group CEO, XBE studied law and practiced banking law in Singapore and Hong Kong. He has 15 years of experience in the finance industry with UBS AG, Morgan Stanley and was Head of Asia Fixed Income at Mizuho Securities. 

XBE (Xtreme Business Enterprises) is a group of metaverse, blockchain and NFT technology application companies.

The issues raised range from understanding your product, figuring out your community, collaborating with partners and building a sustainable eco-system.

Each of the panellists has their peculiar challenges.

McLaren is a heritage brand, though the automotive sector is relatively young, having just crossed into its 11th year. What are the channels that would work for its marketing, and how will the needs of a shifting demographic impact its policies? By 2050 it’s expected that 60% of McLaren’s business will be from Asia.

XBE is a totally new business in an emerging industry. Trying to convince people to move into the spaces of the metaverse and blockchain pose their own challenges when the hype around the crypto currencies outshout the true intent of these tools.

True Colors presents a worthwhile platform to artists with disabilities who do amazing things given what they have to work with. They put many able bodied people to shame, but somehow never get the credit they deserve. Such is the way of the world where biases and expectations dominate the decision making.

Hear what they have to say about their industry challenges and the impact of social media giants like Facebook and Google, whose shifting algorithms would confuse a desert as it stays steps ahead of those trying to figure it out.

WED WEB CHAT. 45-minute discussions on topical issues at 12:45 (SGT) monthly, on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. For more information on upcoming topics, visit Previous discussions can be viewed at 

Here are some highlights from the discussion.

The full discussion is at the foot of this article.

What is an NFT?

It’s the new buzz word that’s flying around the world, especially when a digital work of art was auctioned for close to USD70 million.

But there’s a more practical use for NFTs, which will ensure they will be part of the eco-system.

Getting Round The Algorithms

For those who want to get the most out of their social media accounts, believe it that the big companies are taking as much as they can from you.

And not giving you back enough.

But, here’s a way to avoid being a slave to the shifting algorithms of the big manipulators.

Find out what it is in the video below.

NFTs, The Metaverse & More

There is active interest in the metaverse and what it has to offer. NFTs are also on the radar. But how can it be used for marketing purposes? It begins with changing mindsets.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — Marketing: Truth or EXAGGERATION? below.

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