MasterChef — Did They Choose The Right Winner?

THE TOUGHEST part about trying to fit hours of footage into an hour-long show is editing to keep the storyline alive and viewers interested.

For Audra Morrice and her fellow MasterChef Singapore judges Damian D’Silva of Folklore and Artichoke’s Bjorn Shen, the winner, Zander Ng, was the unanimous choice.

Audra explains why in the video above.

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Audra was a panelist at the recent Keep It Going: By Design discussion at the Henderson showroom of W.Atelier where she and her fellow panelists spoke about the New Materials In Our Lives.

Chef and author Audra Morrice of MasterChef fame talks about food.
Chef and author Audra Morrice of MasterChef fame talks about food.

About the MasterChef Singapore finalists, Audra commented that Zander Ng, 30, had strong Italian family recipes with Asian influences, while the over-zealous creative energy of Genevieve Lim, 20, showed immense potential but probably needed to be reined in.

Regardless of the outcome, the Singapore-born, Sydney-based Audra who placed second in the 2012 Australian MasterChef, noted: “You don’t have to win. It’s what you do after that.”

Food For Thought

Audra feels the impact of MasterChef would be felt in the rise of more home cooks and a greater awareness of what we are putting out our bodies.Audra Morrice, Cook & Feast

Audra, who has a new cookbook coming out soon — Cook & Feast — would be happy about the feasting that is likely to generate since it is the central theme of the book.

Keep It Going is a regular series of discussions about current topics. It is organised by STORM magazine and has been ongoing since 2013.

The panelists for the discussion on new materials hailed from various industries: Mahendran Reddy, Deputy Director, National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster; Audra Morrice, Chef and MasterChef Singapore presenter; ultramarathoner Abimanyu Shunmugam; and the CEO of BeLive live-streaming app Kenneth Tan.

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