Mi, My Watch And I

Mi Watch Lite

IN TODAY’S self-absorbed world, I’ll want more things that tell me about myself.

My smartphone, my space, my faves, myself. How am I doing?

In a time of too much data flying around and too much information, here’s more, courtesy of the slim, almost anonymous smart watch on my wrist.

I’ll check my Mi Watch Lite, which tells me that my heart is beating (Am I just getting too much information if I don’t know what it all means?), lets me know where I am (well close enough, even if it’s on the wrong side of the road) and how I’m doing with my oxygen levels (never can get enough of that with COVID-19 in the air).

Sitting kinda tiny on my wrist, it still packs lots of features and does a good job of keeping up with me. In fact, better than I or my friends ever could.

It also reminds me of an unpolished Apple Watch. At $89 versus upwards of $399 for the Apple watch, you can’t expect too much. So, you get some cheap but functional and flexible straps, and a tacky looking charger, which do their jobs well enough.

There are around 120 watch faces that you can download — but no third-party options — and while you’re swiping away at the face, not every feature delivers to the kind of detail you’d like.

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While it’s going to be tough to get up there on the style front, the Mi Watch Lite does serve up lots of features that you can swipe to access, including 11 workout modes and other fitness-centric activities.

The Mi Watch Lite seems geared more towards fitness tracker rather than a smartwatch. The smartwatch functions are pared down to allow for ease of use, whether it’s Android or iOS or music storage for offline listening. But you do have to bear in mind the price.

And since it’s meant to be stuck to you for as much as possible, the nine days lifespan on one charge helps to keep that promise. Though if you’re an aggressively outdoorsy type, you might exhaust the battery well before the nine days (in less than half-a-day), so you could be stuck out in the open. But if you find a power source, you can be fully charged and ready to go in 2 hours.

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In a market where Apple and Samsung have such dominance, who would want something like the Mi Watch Lite? A younger generation of users, perhaps. In which case, the brand would have to up its game quite quickly to grow with its customer base.

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