Is Being Big No Longer Better?

IT HAS long been the era of monopolies that have been built up over the decades.

But the arrival of newbies like Google and Facebook who have outstripped the big boys has shaken things up.

At the recent Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN discussion on the shape of the future, Peter Godfrey of the Energy Institute wondered if the time for the monopolistic mindset may be on the way out.

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Godfrey says it has been convenient for governments to let large organisations like Google and Facebook develop. He gives examples of data from the USA which further underscores his point.

2 corporations control 90% of America’s beer market.

5 banks control about half of the USA’s banking assets.

2 companies have 95% of the USA’s health insurance business.

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In Finland, Godfrey adds,  little villages are looking at energy in different ways. They are becoming smaller and community based.

Will the big companies be able to manage in this new environment? Should these smaller entities be managed by the state or by the community?

Is it time to break up the massive organisation into smaller outfits that allow more participation?

Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN

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