New Grads And New Challenges

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WHAT jobs are fresh graduates hoping to land in a pandemic period?

Already challenged by industries shifting to automation and the world going digital, COVID-19 forced a gear switch that sped up the process.

That could play into the hands of Gen Z as they enter the work force, but how will employers handle these digital natives who prefer to communicate via their devices and prefer to be left to their own devices, while saving the planet?

In this WED WEB CHAT — Job Hunting: Advice From The Teachers, Steve Golden of LASALLE College Of The Arts and Dr Ben Choi of the Nanyang Business School attempt to explain how the next wave of graduates could reshape the working environment.

Dr Choi talks about how Gen Z students prefer to operate, and how the virtual world tries to take over the physical spaces, but doesn’t always succeed, especially during coffee breaks.


Plenty of observations and anecdotes in this discussion that could help future employers understand how to manage these quiet but enthusiastic entrants to the workforce. Students should try and adopt a wider perspective of life and grow their interests beyond what they are studying, explains Golden.

This is part of STORM-ASIA.COM’s JOBS20XX – Work In Progress series, in partnership with OUE Ltd.

Watch the full discussion below.

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