Sniffing Out A Perfumed Trail

perfume sniff

GUCCI, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. These are some familiar perfumes that you can stick to and make sure you don’t have COVID-19.

One of the first symptoms of contracting the coronavirus is the loss of smell. My nose cannot fail me and if it does, then the first indicator is that ‘A Song For The Rose’, CHANCE and Black Opium are nonexistent. Lo and behold, I spritz and can’t smell anything!

So I remind myself to wear these perfumes regularly for a medical purpose.

And smell heavenly, like a Goddess in her element.

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The top of the list has to be Gucci’s 2019 collector’s scent, ‘A Song For The Rose’. This is a worthy investment in that good things don’t come cheap.


I’ve got a better idea for a poor writer like myself. Thanks to TikTok, I discovered an extreme cheapskate vid that inspired my shenanigans. Yasss! I pretended to go shopping at CK Tang on a Saturday with an experiment in mind.

Wed Web Chat

An unsuspecting counter girl at GUCCI spritzed the ‘A Song For The Rose’ perfume on a strip for me. I went to the toilet and put the strip inside my bra. I met my friend for tea after that. IKR?

Not gonna spend S$520 on noice water and really, the last accessory I needed to complete my outfit for the day was perfume. Voila.

However, I wouldn’t do it again because the counter girl is just trying to earn a decent living. I might save up. I’d wear this on the romantic evening where he snuggles up to hundreds of dollars worth of seduction.

One can dream big drowning in Bulgarian rose, woody notes and musk.

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But…I can’t stop!

I’d also die for Chanel’s CHANCE just to be Nicole Kidman for a day. According to a journalist, said actress smells heavenly. I’d splash S$245 on anything to be her equivalent.


I want more. For a bold statement, the go to is the Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Black Opium Neon Water Eau De Parfum. EMASCULATION AF.

Would I spend S$199 on something made from coffee, white flowers and vanilla? Totally.

Until then, I do depend on my S$69 Estée Lauder Pleasures perfume to test my sense of smell. It is basic and affordable.

Do not underestimate the power of a perfume. It’s a time machine that can wistfully remind you of the fondest memories in your lifetime.

Speaking of memory, remember the TikTok vid I mentioned earlier? The TikToker disguised herself in a few different looks to fool the counter girl into a complete makeover for free. Sometimes I wonder what is the extent that women would go to in the name of beauty.


For the rich enough, these selective olfactory scents will keep you in the sniff of things in case of a COVID-19 emergency.

Above all with flights suspended, why not wear a fragrance evocative of summer in St Tropez?

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