Planning Your Digital Strategy

WED WEB CHAT Digital Tomorrow

AS technology surges along, it becomes a challenge for businesses and people to keep pace with the various updates and new applications that keep being released.

How does a business decide on what’s needed and what’s redundant?

The panellists at WED WEB CHAT — The Digital Tomorrow, discussed the challenges facing the industry and how best to tackle some of these issues.

Businesses face change fatigue especially if the promise of fixing a problem is repeatedly unresolved by various vendors. How do you seek the correct solution to your business’s needs?

One piece of advice is to take small steps towards finding a solution, rather than trying to make a big leap.

While government grants are helpful to businesses, in Singapore there seems to be an over-reliance on them. And for vendors looking to be approved by the government agencies, do their solutions offer a unique selling point that addresses a pain point?

One of the issues businesses will face are the cyberthreats that could result from carelessness.

And just how long should a password be?

Many digital issues are discussed by the panellists Kenny Tay, CEO Singapore Digital Chamber of Commerce Foundation (SGDCC), Alan Chong, Chairman (Digital Transformation Chapter) SGDCC, Benjamin Chong, MD Next Level SG and Rodney Yap, Co-Founder Usertip. 

The full video discussion is at the bottom of this article.

This is part of the JOBS20XX – Work In Progress series of discussions in partnership with OUE Ltd.

Pros And Cons Of Government Funding

Watch the video below as Kenny Tay talks about the bad behaviour exhibited by clients when it comes to government funding.

How Many Letters In A Password?

The usual conventions of numbers, letters and special characters may not keep your password safe,.

So, what’s the best option?

The Future Digital Landscape

What will the future of digitalisation look like? Panellists at the WED WEB CHAT — The Digital Tomorrow share their views, ranging from asking for help to talkbots.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — The Digital Tomorrow below.

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