Relentlessly Rolling On

Rolls-Royce Spectre

ROLLS-ROYCE Motor Cars reported record sales numbers for 2022.

The Goodwood-based car manufacturer rolled out 6,021 cars last year, mainly to the USA, Greater China and European markets. That’s up 8% YOY. 

Aren’t those markets that are supposedly feeling the ill effects of a weakening economy?

While it sends a strong signal that the wealthy are not particularly bothered nor affected by these global issues, it’s also a good sign for the BMW-owned brand that their luxury cars are well regarded and will continue to hold their value.

It also reflects well on Rolls-Royce’s branding strategy, to appeal to a younger audience. The cars are still big and imposing, but obviously attract a new generation of owners.

And with its bespoke commissions chalking up the highest value in its 118-year history, it’s obvious the well-heeled are unfazed by the cost of personalisation.

The fully-electric Spectre will be launched this year, and going electric will be attractive  to this upward trending generation who want to save the planet while scoring big in life.

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