Reverse Mentoring, Investment And Social Media Tips


THE QUESTIONS from the audience raised some thought-provoking questions and suggestions at the recent Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN discussion on Machine Learning & Design.

The effects of social engineering can be seen in many parts of the world, and A/Prof Damien Joseph of the Nanyang Business School, NTU wants to know what can be done to curb the harmful effects of AI on society.

Mikko Niemelä, CEO of Cyber Intelligence House, commented that social engineering is often the result of information that is available online. While you should consider what you put online about yourself, it’s better to have something online than nothing at all. He explains why.

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Try Some Reverse Mentoring

Too many old war horses on the board, hanging on and refusing to let fresh blood have their say?

Prof Sattar Bawany spoke from the floor about the need for a more diverse make up on the boards of large organisations. Besides women and Generation Y members, he also feels some reverse mentoring may be in order.

Hear his views in the video below.

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Where To Invest?

Bernard Ong raised the flag of hope when he asked if AI would allow for better investment decisions.

The response from Niemelä was less about what investment suggestions could be unlocked and more about what AI could do to warn you about things you should careful to venture into.

While not quite the answer he expected, it did alert Ong and those in attendance to the need for greater caution in the digital world.

Manipulating Opinions

A/Prof Damien Joseph of the Nanyang Business School raised the issue of the negative impacts of social engineering.

While machine learning takes what’s available online as its source material, we should be mindful of the information we put online.

Niemelä reckons it’s better to control the narrative than not have a presence at all.

He explains why in this video.

Panelists for the session: Liu Feng-Yuan, Co-founder, BasisAI; Mikko Niemelä, CEO, Cyber Intelligence House, Joe Keen Poon, MD (Smart Cities Solutions) Surbana Jurong; and Dharma Sadasivan, Associate Director, BR Law.

kigtnrsponsor-703x469Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN is sponsored by OUE, Goldbell, Vault@268 and was held at the Henderson showroom of W.Atelier.

More coverage in the coming days.

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