The Next Gen On The Sharing Economy

AT THE recent discussion on the sharing economy, guests heard firsthand accounts from practitioners about the opportunities and challenges.

What did the younger generation learn from the panel discussion organised by STORM magazine?

Panellist Mike Hagbeck of Space Next Door talked about starting up as part of this collaborative economy, while Vikram Kumar of Yuwee is trying to help start ups communicate more efficiently. Asst Prof Ben Choi of Nanyang Business School, NTU, provided a big-picture perspective of the sharing economy and the mindset of those venturing into this space.

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Keep It Going: sharing economyIn the audience were next-generation leaders who found the frank dialogue quite revealing.

The challenges of starting up were particularly thought-provoking, and issues of sustainability and equitability were high on Ng Huiying’s thoughts. The founder member of Foodscape Collective is a strong advocate of a sustainable global economy and voiced her opinion on the matter.

Zaana Hall, a Masters in Public Policy student at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS, found the Asian context very different to the US where she comes from. The sharing economy has exploded into life in the US, but the discussion opened her eyes to the back-end cultural challenges faced in this part of the world.

More reports to follow.






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