The Ageing Cloud And The Silver Lining

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FROM starting new business ventures, to retiring and taking up hobbies, the silver generation is a growing group of influence in society.

At the WED WEB CHAT — Living Full Lives, physician Kong Teck Chuan of Eu Yan Sang, Normala Manap of Age Matters Consultancy & Training, Benjamin Goh, board member of Care Community Services Society and BlessAnn Luah of shared their views on living life to the full.

While different generations have their own priorities and lifestyle options, one thing is becoming clear: People are living longer.

Technology will aid in extending the health and lifespan of elders, but wisill society able to cope with the increased demands on its resources?

Are there adequate facilities to cater to the  needs of an ageing population?

Is there enough money to support a generation that saved hard, but are now living on “yesterday’s money” which has a much reduced value in today’s society where costs continue escalating? What do they face in an uncertain tomorrow?

Influencing Factors

Benjamin talks about mobility, accessibility and engagement, which will play significant roles in the lives of elders. Being able to move around is important to enable you to function effectively and independently.

Allowing for greater accessibility to jobs and roles in the community for the elders in society has to be a priority for the government and businesses, be it for full-time or part-time jobs.

To have different groups of friends to connect with will keep the mind and body actively engaged.

The Ageing Process

Physician Kong explains the ageing process.

By age 50, the heart undergoes wear and tear issues. From 70, digestion issues kick in. And the lungs start to weaken at 80.

BlessAnn has started a website that addresses the issues and needs of the silver generation. She says that age should not be treated as a medical issue. Instead, it should be accepted as a natural evolution of society and the general mindset should be adjusted accordingly.

Normala is encouraging the silver community to start writing their own life stories. Her Guided Autobiography programme will get the seniors on the path towards writing their life stories while getting positive affirmation from the process. For more information email

This discussion on the challenges and opportunities of ageing does not paint a golden picture for ageing, but for those who are healthy and wealthy enough, there could be happiness as they journey into their golden years.

Balancing Wind And Heat in TCM

Physician Kong talks about the various stages of ageing and how they impact our body. He encourages people to maintain their bodies like an engine, going for regular tune ups and lubrication.

Watch the interview below.

The War Against Ageism

Normala Manap explains how society has tackled sexism, racism and ableism, but hasn’t taken on ageism convincingly. With older people living longer, more needs to be done in this area.

BlessAnn Luah says we should address age not as a health issue, but as a mindset issue that needs to be addressed. 

Battling Discrimination

Mobility, accessibility and engagement are key areas for the elder generation to be mindful of. They will help to keep this group active and involved for much longer.

Ageism continues to pose a challenge as society tends to equate old age with inabilities rather than wisdom and experience. 

Words Of Silvers

Normala Manap wants the silvers to start recalling their life stories and writing their autobiographies.

As part of her Guided Autobiography workshops, she hopes these books will offer useful information for future generations.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — A Full Life below.

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