The Business Of Show Business

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THE film industry is showing signs of stirring. It is still a small industry in Singapore, but the importance of visual communication is not lost in this era of social media and video storytelling.

The WED WEB CHAT — Making Mentoring Meaningful brought together an industry veteran and three relative newcomers to the industry fresh from a mentorship programme with *SCAPE. 

Screenwriter and playwright Jedidiah Huang, writer, director and comedienne Olivia Griselda, and actor Gosteloa Spancer shared their hopes for the industry with the Managing Director of Weiyu Films, Lee Thean-Jeen.

A voice of reason, Thean-Jeen set the record straight about the challenges of the industry. While it can be bewildering for a newcomer trying to navigate a messy industry, without the support of a union, a guild or minimum wage, there are certain systems in place that assist those who are invested in the industry.

While smartphone companies like Apple may glamourise film-making with their slick iPhone ads, the reality is it takes a small army to make a film. And the hours are long and gruelling. And, if you have work coming in, the work can be incessant.

But that’s the difference between being a professional and an amateur. 

Thean-Jeen explains that for a local film industry to be viable, there must be local support. 

And to be successful in this industry, you have to be the tallest tree in the film jungle.

Highlights from the WED WEB CHAT — Making Mentoring Meaningful follow. The full video is at the foot of this article.

Mentoring Takeaways

Be open and agile, and realise film-making is not a one-person job. It takes an army to make a film. Communication and negotiation are important skills to have.

The Business Of Show Business

Making a film is about selling an idea. How can you best equip yourself to be prepared to go out there and sell a concept in your head. Mentors can help by bringing tangible ideas to the table.

How Hungry Are You?

To be working in the film industry, you have to be committed. This is not a hobby says Spancer Gosteloa. It is not a glamorous job.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — Making Mentoring Meaningful below.

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