Why Would A Singaporean Study Egyptology?

LITTLE did Singaporean Jordan Miller reckon that his childhood fascination for the ancient worlds would connect him with the mysteries and methods of the pharaohs and the pyramids.

Jordan graduated with a BA in Oriental Studies (Egyptology with Akkadian) from the University of Oxford, followed by a Master’s degree specialising in art history and ancient Egyptian visual culture.

His recently completed doctorate, also from Oxford, investigated Egyptian religion from an anthropological perspective.

“I very much enjoy thinking about how Egyptians experienced the world, and how we might come closer to understanding their perspectives,” Jordan says.

While many may consider this a course of study with limited potential in today’s world, Jordan says that many who have graduated from the same course are in industries ranging from consultancy to journalism and law.

To Jordan, the benefits of studying something he enjoys has made the process more satisfying.

“Being able to explore ideas with engaged students, often from a range of academic fields and personal backgrounds, is a great exercise in both imagination and argument,” he  explains.

“I would love to stay in academia, if the job market is kind to me.”

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