TOKEN2049 Singapore: Bringing Together Crypto, Web3, Innovation, Laughter and Empowerment

TOKEN2049, My Neighbor Alice

TOKEN2049, a prominent cryptocurrency and Web3 gathering in Asia, recently concluded its Singapore edition with an impressive turnout. The event saw more than 10,000 participants representing 3,500 companies, hailing from a diverse range of 120 countries. These attendees gathered at the Marina Bay Sands exhibition space in Singapore to engage in discussions covering various topics, including changes in crypto industry regulations, innovations in the crypto space, the influence of artificial intelligence on Web3 advancements, and more.

In addition to the main event, TOKEN2049 offered participants the chance to partake in an extensive line-up of over 450 side events, workshops, and networking opportunities hosted across Singapore, including the highly anticipated annual Web 3.0 Comedy Night. Proudly presented by the main sponsors, OMA3, MyNeighborAlice, and AWST, this night proved to be one to remember.

Riccardo Sibani, Chief Product Officer for My Neighbor Alice
Riccardo Sibani, Chief Product Officer for My Neighbor Alice at the mic.

My Neighbor Alice

One of the standout moments of the event was the presence of My Neighbor Alice, the multiplayer farm and builder game which provides a platform for collecting and trading NFTs. The NFT company had recently launched its Alpha Season 3 on 27 June 2023. The release introduced a brand-new feature that incentivised players to engage in activities that had received an incredible response to its latest feature garnering over 100,000 unique NFTs crafted by the players during its early launches. This showcases the game’s popularity and vibrant creativity within the My Neighbor Alice community.

The event also celebrated its strong community partnerships, including one with UNTAM3D. UNTAM3D is a collective dedicated to empowering women and non-binary individuals in the Web3 and emerging tech space across the Asia Pacific. Their mission is to decode the world of tech for women to enable their growth, ignite their potential, and elevate their success.

By promoting greater representation, UNTAM3D aims to narrow the gender gap, fostering inclusivity in the tech industry and the world at large.

web 3.0 comedy

Key Highlights

Here are the key highlights from this year’s TOKEN2049 side event, where the convergence of cryptocurrency and Web3 innovation met with the excitement of cutting-edge gaming and NFT creation:

  • OMA3™, a collaborative effort of Web3 metaverse platform creators, is dedicated to ensuring interoperability and transparency in the Web3 space.
  • My Neighbor Alice, the farming-themed metaverse play-to-earn builder game, where players can own land, create NFTs, and interact with captivating characters like Alice and Bjorn the bear.
  • AWST leverages Web2 and Web3 technologies to enhance user experiences, functionality, and security, with a strong focus on seamlessly integrating leading technologies.

This year’s TOKEN2049 event was a testament to the dynamic fusion of crypto, Web3, and innovative gaming, exemplified by the remarkable success of My Neighbor Alice’s new NFT feature, and it highlighted the importance of community partnerships like UNTAM3D, Brinc, and Web 3.0 Supper Club in promoting inclusivity and diversity in the tech and Web3 space.

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