A.I. — An Enabler, Not A Solution

WED WEB CHAT Artificial Intelligence

HOW would organisations benefit from having artificial intelligence incorporated into their business structures?

The panellists in this WED WEB CHAT: A.I. Fiend or Friend? talk about bad jokes, lyrics for rappers and better use of time.

A.I. replaced 20 days of work by 3 people in one hour for one of his clients, says Michal Krystyanczuk, Co-founder of Paris-based The Data Strategy.

Guy Hearn tried getting A.I. to create jokes and cartoons, which didn’t yield anything funny, by his standards. The Lead Consultant at Virtus Asia Consulting did acknowledge that he could get some original images created provided quite specific instructions were given to the program.

Prof Pierre Alquier of ESSEC Business School Asia Pacific, notes that A.I. classes are essentially rebranded linear regression classes.

The discussion took into account the role played by A.I. currently and what to expect from it, realistically.

While the data crunching and analysis is speedy and useful, A.I. falls flat on its face when it comes to making recommendations, which tend to be general and ineffective.

The ethics, understanding of consequences and emotional intelligence can’t be handled by A.I.

So, machines that will think and make independent decisions are still beyond the horizon for now.

But machine-learning approaches have yielded useful outcomes in areas such as large language models, speech recognition, agriculture, medicine, and much more. It’s proven to be especially useful when it comes to crunching data that would otherwise cost time and money to process.

Here are some highlights from the discussion.

The full WED WEB CHAT: A.I. — Friend or Fiend? is at the foot of the article.

A.I. — Opportunities & Limitations

Just how much emphasis should businesses place on A.I. and its potential influence on business outcomes?

A.I. — An Enabler, Not The Solution

In certain applications, especially in the creative space, the use of A.I. is more to spark new ideas and fresh perspectives. It’s still about the machine assisting man.

A.I. — Tool Or Weapon?

It must be remembered that A.I. is a tool. One can take a hammer and build a house, or bash someone’s brains out with it. It isn’t AI that is either friend or fiend, but those who use it.

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