TUMI Bags A McLaren

Tumi McLaren luggage

IF YOU are dreaming of your vaccine passport and the chance to hit the road again, you’re not alone.

While those living in large land masses have the opportunity to fly or drive to another city to explore the environs and how COVID-19 measures are being handled there, in small countries like Singapore, you just have to wait for one of those air bubbles to eventually form into reality.

But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared to leap out at the earliest notice and take off for new landscapes.

American Luggage brand, TUMI and English supercar manufacturer McLaren have combined forces to produce a new line of bags. TUMI’s creative director Victor Sanz and McLaren’s design director Rob Melville have created a capsule collection of 9 pieces.

Drawing on the McLaren cars for inspiration, the range of bags are each highlighted with McLaren’s signature Papaya colourway and CCX6 carbon fibre accents, and the interior compression strap inspired by the six-point racing harnesses found in race cars and track-only models like the McLaren Senna GTR.

The carry-on Aero International Expandable 4-wheeler is made from a hybrid of materials, including Tegris, a thermoplastic composite found in race cars.

For those without the bags of cash to splurge on a McLaren, maybe a racy TUMI bag might serve as an adequate compromise.

Available globally at select TUMI and McLaren retailers.


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