Unconventional Design Thoughts

Keep It Going Unconventional Design Thinking

IN THE homely ambience of W.Atelier, a discussion on Unconventional Design Thinking seemed a bit out of place. Not for the beautiful furniture and lovely setting, which delivered a comfortable ambience, but for a topic that was more about discomfort and disruptions that have shredded businesses and societies.


Keep It Going Unconventional Design Thinking
Yasser Suratman and Pawan Gandhi talked about the needs of the virtual world.

The inaugural Keep It Going: Beyond Design session brought together an eclectic mix of five panelists and an intimate audience who heard several topics discussed.

But the recurring theme of the day was the role of Millennials in the workforce.

Keep It Going
Prof Kirpal Singh says that parents have to be taught new methods of preparing their children for the future.

While the generational issues prevailed, we learnt a lot more about the way they operate from Yasser Suratman, Lecturer at LASALLE College Of The Arts.

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Unconventional Design Thinking
Mark Tan took over the family fengshui business and is making it relevant for the next generation.

Going back to the basics was another theme that surfaced. Dennis Foo, Chairman of CityBar Holdings talked about the changing role of technology in meeting people and its impact on large establishments. He also had his take on empathy in the work place.

Keep It Going Unconventional Design Thinking

Disruptive Positives

For Pawan Gandhi, his time spent in Nokia opened up a pathway of disruption that allowed him to see the positives in today’s world.

Mark Tan, inherited his father’s feng shui business and is now marketing to his fellow Millennials, while figuring out the business strategy.

Lau Yee Loong, Keep It Going Unconventional Design Thinking
Lau Yee Loong talks about 15 jobs in different industries in his career.

Lau Yee Loon of OUE has been through 15 jobs in different industries, and he might be a shining example for Millennials to follow.

Watch out for our upcoming reports on what was shared by the panelists and guests at Keep It Going: By Design — Unconventional Design Thinking on this site.

Keep It Going: Beyond Design series sponsored by OUE, Vault@268 and W. Atelier


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  1. To me Design Thinking is a part of Consultancy Marketing. They divide a simple decision process into many parts ie Empathy; Define; Ideate; Prototype and Test.
    This so that management courses can be built out of it.
    Making the simple complex and in the end get companies and now government to fund it big time!


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