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TABASCO’S hot sauce is presented in such good taste, it fits right into today’s topic.

Clever ads.

Very much a chivalrous example of the brainy ad that is smokin’ hot, this ad also commands RESPECT.

In my pickings of the mystic Sadhguru’s teachings, he affirms that self-respect is quite accurately some rubbish when in actuality the only nice thing that can happen is when the other respects you.

The same logic should apply to ads.

How many of us run to the toilet during a commercial break? Better still, we do this without batting an eyelid on YouTube: Skip Ad.

Fundamentally, we don’t respect ads. 

‘Cos we are bombarded by ads everyday, we have no feelings for them.

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If I can turn things around, I’d choose a different route instead.

What if we can watch TV programmes and YouTube vids with no interruptions, purely enjoying a good story?


Ads are, in a dignified way, allocated a non-glaring button where it is not forced upon us to notice, yet is sufficiently there should we need to search for something to buy.

It could change as the show changes, insanely smart algorithms turning cartwheels to find the connection between what you’re watching and what to showcase, combined with your viewing habits, your buying patterns and where your lazy eye may have wandered to while perusing a catalogue of nuts and bolts.

But it shouldn’t cleave into your consciousness, cutting off your vein of interest in whatever’s onscreen.

If we respect something, we’d look for it for advice and direction.

With this honourable platform in place, we get drawn to ads thus for their truthfulness and simplicity in presenting what they really are. No gimmicks nor daft, stupid, tasteless, tuneless noisy jingles featuring an outdated and irrelevant lampoon of a blue-collar lay person in society on a shopping quest. Just saying.

I’d respect an ad that respects my individualistic preference to consume out of a genuine interest in a product. It is two-way traffic. With respect comes knowing where to draw the line between right and wrong.

Transforming ads into respectable refineries can have a ripple effect on a world that is less messy and more familial.

It is worth a shot; practising mutual respect so much so that if a singular ad interrupts when the others don’t, it owns up and apologises quickly for interrogation of attention. Then retreats into patience for customers.

We don’t need a world where we need to be told what to do, and when to do it. Let’s begin with ads, shall we?

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