Jerry Cooks The Hu’s Sound

JERRY Chua’s man cave occupies a bedroom in an unassuming corner HDB flat in Pasir Ris.

From his mixing studio, which occupies the entire length of a wall, many songs and albums have been produced, from Grammy nominated jazz recordings to hard-rocking Mongolian metal.

Jerry’s journey started as a teenager, drumming in a pub band for almost a decade before switching to working behind a console.

His experimentation and evolving technique attracted local and international bands keen to have his touch in finishing off their final products.

Jerry likens what he does to the efforts of a chef. “The musicians are the ingredients and I’m the cook who puts it together.”

Jazz artist Arun Shenoy used Jerry’s skill on his debut album, Rumbadoodle, which earned them a Grammy nomination in 2012.

The more recent feather in Jerry’s cap is the second album of  the hard-rocking The Hu, Mongolia’s champions of the metal age. Following up on The Gereg, which featured the big hit Yuve Yuve Yu, the new album,  Rumble of Thunder is loaded with heavy hooks and driving rhythms that bring Western and traditional instruments together in a powerful confluence of foreboding phenomenal sound.

A potential award winner, the album is likely to cement Jerry’s reputation in the Mongolian music scene and widen his reach in the increasingly borderless world of music.

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