Things Are Getting Scarier

THEY used to be pesky more than anything else, those viruses that would freeze your screen and force you to restart your computer.

But over the years they have become bolder and more malicious, earning the name “malware” for their notoriety and the trail of devastation in their wake.

Wayne Lee, a security researcher at Kaspersky Lab was one of the panelists at the inaugural the Nth revolutioN, part of STORM magazine’s Keep It Going series. The topic of discussion was The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of The Future.


Wayne Lee, Kaspersky Lab
Wayne Lee of Kaspersky Lab talking about the vicious nature of malware at the Nth revolutioN panel discussion.

“They were originally irritating but not destructive,” Wayne notes.

“But the more people were getting connected with the Internet, adware was introduced. These were annoying but still not dangerous.

“Since Bitcoin mining started, the malware has become more sinister.”


Sophisticated Attacks

Wayne says that the malware is designed to steal data and exit without leaving any traces, or in some instances they can remain dormant for years, patiently waiting for the right time to strike.

It’s been reported by the AV-Test Institute that there are 350,000 malicious files and potentially unwanted files detected daily.

Wayne says he keeps his system free of anything that could result in a malware attack.

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