MacRitchie Moments — Dawn Ho

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I had my first harrowing run-in with wildlife when I visited the park as a child. A monkey stole a sandwich right out of my hands!

While I’ve had a deathly fear of monkeys since, I still fondly look back at those memories, and I have been back several times since.

We are so proud of our image as a Green City but we have already lost much of our country’s natural landscape.

How far will we go in the name of urbanisation? What is the price we are willing to pay for modern amenities?

With MacRitchie, we have to ask ourselves if we are willing to lose a part of the natural landscape, together with some of its flora and fauna, for the new MRT line. We should look for alternative solutions to route the new train line. Maybe the trains can go around the park instead of through it. It might cost more to do that, but no amount of money can buy back the forest that might be destroyed otherwise. We have a responsibility to future generations and to our land to protect these green spaces.

I do hope that more people come forward to show support for preserving MacRitchie Reservoir Park. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough awareness of the issue right now. I believe more Singaporeans will come forward to show support for the issue in coming months.

Dawn Ho is a Jazz singer and loves going on sunset walks through MacRitchie.

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